Parting Shots: Traveling to Ecuador

Ecuador Travel

Kristen, Eirik and Lillian embarked on a 20-day trip of a lifetime last July. They explored many areas while traveling to Ecuador last summer, starting out at a phenomenal lodge in the Amazon Jungle, visiting Cotopaxi National Park, and enjoying time in the Galapagos Islands.

24 Hours in Patagonia with Knowmad Adventures + Artful Living Magazine

Artful Living Feature Knowmad Adventures
Patagonia holds a special place in the hearts of Jordan and I. We first traveled to Torres del Paine together while we were engaged, hiking and camping for about a week. Freshly married we returned shortly thereafter  to live in Chile’s Northern Patagonia and start the journey that is Knowmad Adventures, a boutique South American travel company with big dreams. We never hesitate to return to the region and every experience, be it in a new luxury adventure lodge like Awasi or roughing it with packs on our back, is unforgettable.
I was thrilled when Artful Living Magazine asked me to give their readers a twenty-four hour window into what adventuring in Patagonia is like. Read on for a look into Awasi Patagonia Lodge and more…

Crossing the Andes: Explore Chile, Argentina & Patagonia with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum & Knowmad Adventures

Bariloche Travel


The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in conjunction with Knowmad Adventures is proud to host this encore of the beloved, “Crossing the Andes: Explore Chile, Argentina and Patagonia.” This 13-day small group trip from January 21st to February 2nd will highlight the incredible landscapes of Chile and Argentina as well as the varied cultures throughout these regions while visiting Santiago, Chilean wine country and coast south to the Patagonia and across the Andes by way of fjords and glacial lakes into beautiful Bariloche, Argentina ending in vibrant Buenos Aires. From Buenos Aires you will have the option to extend your adventure and visit the magnificent Iguazu Falls.* We will enjoy exclusive private garden visits curated by a variety of designers, architects, and garden owners. This trip attracts mostly travelers over 50 with wide ranging interests as well as a taste for horticulture and gardens. As the small group adventure is nearly sold out, registration will be closing very shortly. Inquire today to join!

Parting Shots: Custom Inca Trail Trip

Machu Picchu Trips

After returning home from a phenomenal custom Inca trail trip in Peru, Mary Fransen took time to reflect on the incredible memories she and her friends created not too long ago. She remembered hiking curiously on paths forged hundreds of years ago, exchanging stories with friends, and marveling at intricate agricultural terraces and magnificent ruins. Mary shares with us that their guide Wilfredo, “had such a passionate connection to the trails, the Incan sites, and the history that he shared with us. And, is seemed like there was no joy greater for him than to share this with us. At pinnacle locations, he pulled out a flute that he had made himself and played for us. He created such a heart-felt connection with our group. Truly, one of the most unforgettable people I have met while traveling.”

A Knowmad Adventures’ Women’s Trip to Peru: Journey to Machu Picchu: Women’s Active & Cultural Adventure

Women's Adventure Trip

Adventures are the best. Adventures where you connect with like-minded souls and form lifelong friendships are even better. Here at Knowmad we hear stories of college roommates reuniting for a trip after years of losing touch; or old friends that remain just that, old friends, because of an annual travel experience they share together; or even loose-knit groups that grow into tight-knit ones because of a unique journey to South America.

It’s stories like those that make us proud to offer the Journey to Machu Picchu, a women’s active and cultural adventure. This 8 day itinerary is $2,375 in land costs (airfare not included – see below for pricing details) and runs March 26th to April 3rd, 2016. On this all women’s trip to Peru you’ll find yourself day hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, biking through Andean villages, exploring and unwinding in the Sacred Valley and discovering Cusco and Machu Picchu with one of the best guides in all of South America. 

Celebrating 6 Years of South America Travel

South America Travel Specialists - Knowmad Adventures

I came across this lovely little verse the other day and confused emotion swelled within me. We talk a lot about experiences, adventures and journeys here at Knowmad Adventures and it’s likely that we’re referring to a week or two in South America. Frankly, for us this has become almost commonplace as we have the fortune to build these adventures everyday and live vicariously in the post-trip glow through returning travelers telling their tales.

Today it’s only appropriate to talk about a different kind of journey. The journey filled with hope, the journey filled with fear. The journey that is your teacher, that helps you grow. The journey that is Knowmad Adventures for Jordan and I. Six years ago and newly married, we found ourselves on a road to Patagonia. We knew little of where we were going or what we were doing. Our travel company was nothing more than a name.