Ecuador Travel: A Stay Hacienda Zuleta

Hacienda Zuleta Ecuador Travel Experience

Nestled in the Ecuadorian Andes at around 9,600 feet above sea level lies a property little known to the world at large. A place where long standing traditions continue to be practiced and weaved into the pattern of daily life. A place where they are less concerned about the latest Apple product and more concerned with preserving the unique aspects of their community and the environment around them.

How to get to Patagonia, South America

Luxury Lodges of Patagonia

A common question at the early stages of planning a trip to this far-flung and stunning region of the world is “What’s the best way to get down to Patagonia, South America?” The answer of course is by flying, however there are different routes, airports of access, land transfer logistics, and timing considerations to take into account to assure your travels are as smooth, efficient, and cost effective as possible. Patagonia, or the southernmost region of South America, spans both Chile and Argentina and is accessed via either countries capital city.

Book Your 2016 Inca Trail Trip & Machu Picchu Tour This Month & Save Big!

Trip to Machu Picchu

Is Machu Picchu or the Inca Trail on your bucket list? Now is the time to make this dream a reality! Book your 2016 Inca Trail & Beyond trip on or before June 30th, and receive 2015 pricing. Hotels, guides, and outfitting services can increase their prices up to 10% or more from year to year, which requires us to raise our prices too. Take advantage of this opportunity for some huge savings, and get an incredible trip of a lifetime on the calendar for next year!

How To Prepare For An International Trip

How to Prepare for an International Trip - Knowmad Adventures

Preparing for a trip of any kind is met with all sorts of excitement and nerves, but preparing for an international trip can be especially challenging. Getting organized well before you depart can help you keep your pre-trip jitters at bay and allow you to spend your time thinking about the fun stuff.

Ecuador Travel: Macalester College Alumni Association Dynamic Group Trip

Ecuador Travel

About three months ago the Macalester College Alumni Association embarked on an incredible adventure to Ecuador. This twelve-day trip highlighted incredible Andean landscapes and fascinating indigenous cultures in mainland Ecuador and included a luxurious six-day small ship cruise around Darwin’s Galapagos Islands which are full of fascinating endemic species and beautiful volcanic landscapes.

From Phone to Frame: Preserving Travel Memories with Instantly Framed

Instantly Framed - Knowmad Adventures

Nothing quite captures a moment like an image, but too often my photos sit buried in my computer’s enclaves never to see the light of day. In this time of digital this and digital that, I have the hardest time sitting at my computer, sifting through the memories and actually printing anything. Not to mention matting, framing it and then actually hanging it on my wall! That was until I connected with a wonderful small company called Instantly Framed. They make preserving travel memories easy. It starts with an app, a couple clicks, and three days later a gorgeous, hand-crafted dark walnut frame shows up on your doorstep with your travel memory printed in archival inks onto professional photo luster paper.

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine: The Sisterhood of Motherhood + Knowmad Adventures

Knowmad Adventures and Pregnancy & Newborn

I remember sitting in the waiting room for one of the many doctor appointments you go to when you’re pregnant and flipping through Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. It must have been during one of the early visits that the “5 Fascinating Moms” feature caught my eye. As an expectant mother I was nervous, naturally. How was I going to do this? Was I going to be nurturing enough? Patient enough? The stories of those five women filled me with wonder. How were they pulling it off? Not only were they tackling the daily challenges of meeting every need of a little human being, but they were doing it with style and gusto! Pursuing their own dreams, juggling careers and me-time. It seemed impossible.

6 Highlights From My Trip to Peru By Peru & Ecuador Travel Expert Renee Davies

Machu Picchu Trip

Hi Knowmaders! I just got back from an incredible 18-day trip to Peru. It was a phenomenal adventure filled with many of the activities you, our travelers, experience, as well as hotel inspections and meeting with our local team. I was constantly expanding my knowledge of these incredible destinations and excursions. To be honest the whole trip was a little bit of a pinch me moment and it was really difficult to choose just a few to share with you. Read on for the top six highlights from my trip to Peru.