How To Make The Most Out of Your Trip To Torres Del Paine, Patagonia: Including The Best Excursions For You

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A common question I hear from people planning a trip to Torres del Paine and a stay at one of the handful of excellent adventure lodges in this massive national park is, “what are the best excursions and hikes to do in Torres del Paine?” Of course the response to what would seem a straightforward question varies greatly on who you are and your preferences (Do you really like to hike? How long of a hike is too long? Do you also like to horseback ride? etc). But with that being said, there are some general suggestions that can help you make the most of your five or so days in Torres del Paine.

4 Unique Experiences + What to Pack For A Trip to Ecuador

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On a recent Knowmad Adventures research trip in Ecuador Tara and Renee wandered the ancient cobblestone streets of Quito, chased butterflies in the cloud forest, cantered through the pastoral grounds of a former president’s hacienda in the Andes, and danced with blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos Islands. Their adventures included stays at the regal Casa Gangotena in Quito, the modern and experiential Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forest, the historic Hacienda Zuleta in the Andes, and the tented, yet appropriately luxurious, Galapagos Safari Camp. It was definitely a challenge to know what to pack for a trip that incorporated such varied climates! Read on for stories they share from their adventures and, because we know you’re curious, what they wore…

Picture Perfect: The Photojojo Phone Lens for Travel

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A photo can take an ordinary moment and make it an extraordinary piece of your personal story. It’s not that undocumented memories are any less important, but life has a way of moving from one event to another without pausing to stop, therefore just the action of standing still and taking a photo reminds us to appreciate our experiences no matter how simple they may be.

Parting Shots: Travel to Antarctica

Travel to Antarctica

Travel to Antarctica can be challenging. Known as the white continent, this incredibly vast wilderness is uninhabited by humans and only visited by a handful of the most adventurous individuals. Knowmad travelers Katy and Brady Shannon were up for both the challenge and the adventure!

How To Edit Your Travel Photos On The Go With PicsArt Photo Editor

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My most recent adventure took me to four different areas in Chile where I not only enjoyed outstanding food and excursions but found time to take a few (hundred) photos as well. One of the most challenging things about travel photography is actually sorting your photos and sharing them – whether that be on social media, via email or in print. The PicsArt app is an easy-to-use photo editor (perfect for traveling or while you’re on the go) that allowed me to adjust, crop, straighten and enhance my photos quickly, so I that I was ready to share them with friends and family faster. Today, the resident photographer at PicsArt, Nanette Wong, will give you an in-depth look at how to edit your travel photos on the go.

Jean’s Staff Itinerary Pick: The Ultimate Patagonia Combination Tour

Ultimate Patagonia Adventure Tour - Knowmad Adventures

It’s hard for me to write about Argentina and Chile without hearing my grandfather in the background singing classical tunes of tango. How can one not be biased towards Argentina with a lineage of Tango idols in the family? Mi Buenos Aires querido, my home and my land. Buenos Aires is an inspiring and vibrant city that will entertain and surprise travelers of all ages. With an incredible clash of architectural styles and a rich social and political history, this city is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America.

Living in Argentina for more than half my life means I have traveled extensively throughout Chile and Argentina. One of my fondest memories was traveling through Patagonia to arrive in Calafate, driving through kilometers of arid steppe and seeing the most beautifully colored Lago Argentino. I was welcomed by gauchos in a remote estancia as they cooked the traditional cordero a la cruz. Mate never tasted so good as it did in that moment, sitting around a bonfire listening to the gauchos tell wild stories and exciting life tales. Read on to learn about one of my favorite South American itineraries and to get an in-depth look at the ultimate Patagonia combination tour, the Argentina + Chile Adventure.