New Year’s Eve Traditions in South America

New Years Eve

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This New Year’s Eve, citizens across the United States will be watching the ball drop in Times Square, singing a round of Auld Lang Syne, and ooh-ing and ahh-ing as fireworks light up the sky. Meanwhile, New Year traditions around South America will also take place, some very similar to our own and some unique to each region or country.

Parting Shots: Custom Atacama Desert + Patagonia Chile Trip

Patagonia Chile

At the southernmost and northernmost boundaries of Chile lie two vastly different regions: Patagonia and the Atacama Desert. On their Custom Atacama Desert + Patagonia Chile Trip, Patrick and Becca explored the jagged peaks and turquoise lakes of Torres del Paine National Park before venturing north to the seemingly infinite and otherworldly vistas of the Atacama Desert.

We did it! Knowmad Adventures wins Condé Nast Traveler Experience Makers Award for the Second Year in a Row

Conde Nast Traveler - Knowmad Adventures

I’ve been the Media Manager for Knowmad Adventures for over three years and I have been tasked with writing about our accolades and press several times. It has always been challenging, because it is really difficult to accurately describe what an accolade like the Condé Nast Traveler Experience Makers Award means to our company.

The Relais & Châteaux Difference

Relais Chateaux - Knowmad Adventures

Imagine yourself in an idyllic setting, enjoying fresh air and a new sense of wonderment. Now, pair that with renowned cuisine that combines flavors rich in cultural influences, local ingredients, and trend-setting techniques. This experience is what the Relais & Châteaux‎ fellowship calls the “Art of Living.”

Knowmad’s South America Small Business Micro Lending Tradition

kiva post

As we come closer to the end of the year and the holiday season appears on the horizon, we at Knowmad are excited to continue our annual holiday tradition of supporting small, local businesses in South America. Through Kiva, anyone can lend money to low-income entrepreneurs throughout the world, and “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

Argentina Weather, When To Go, What To Pack + More by Region

Argentina Weather Travel Information

High peaks of the Andes give way to awe-inspiring glacial lakes, acclaimed vineyards, endless vistas of Pampas grasslands, and iconic Patagonian wilderness; this is Argentina. The thunderous Perito Moreno Glacier in the south to the immense Iguazú Falls in the north continue Argentina’s extensive list of natural wonders. A place where gaucho cowboys preserve the traditions of the estancias, and Argentine barbecue asados are prepared with pride and devoured in bliss. Soccer fans shout and the bold flavors of Argentine wine mix with the European-influenced stately buildings and culinary delights of the bustling streets of Buenos Aires.

Here we’ve compiled a list of essential information about Argentina, divided into 6 distinct regions. Read about Argentina weather, points of interest, when to go, travel tips and what to pack.

Parting Shots: Comprehensive South America Vacation to Argentina, Chile + Peru

South America Vacation

With so many spectacular countries in South America to explore, how do you pick just one? Dave and Barb’s solution: they created their dream trip to three; Argentina, Chile and Peru. With the help of Knowmad’s travel experts, they were able to craft a custom 26-day itinerary including time in Patagonia, the Sacred Valley, Valparaiso and more. Read on to see photos and a day-by-day breakdown of their incredible adventure.

Ask The Experts: Pregnancy + Newborn Asks Tara Harvey About Travel With Kids

Knowmad Adventures Travel With Kids

Pregnancy + Newborn posed this question about travel with kids to Knowmad’s Tara Harvey, “we’re hoping to take advantage of my lengthy maternity leave and go on a family vacation when our little one hits the 4-month mark. We’re open to both domestic and international travel but would love some tips on picking a destination that’s baby-friendly. (We’re new to this!)” Read her full answer in Pregnancy + Newborn’s Ask the Experts column.

Meet Krista! Knowmad’s Newest Team Member, Ready to Help You Plan A Trip To South America

Plan A Trip to Argentina

We want to introduce you to Krista, Knowmad’s newest Operations Specialist! She joined our team a few months ago and, after traveling to many places throughout the world – including South America – she is excited to be living in her home state of Minnesota again. She is ready to help you plan a trip of a lifetime to South America and hopes that others can experience what she loves about travel – getting out of your comfort zone, discovering new things, and exploring the unknown.

Find out what she considers the world’s best “hidden gem,” her favorite place in South America and more below…