Facts About Peru: Inca Trail Elevations, Southern Highland Activities & More

Facts About Peru - Knowmad Adventures Travel

Did you know that the famed Inca Trail, taking you to the Inti Punku sun gate and down to Machu Picchu, is actually just a small portion of the tens of thousands of Incan roads build throughout South America? Or how about that Cusco is higher in elevation than Machu Picchu? Peru is a fascinating country with a rich history.

Jordan Harvey Named The Travel + Leisure Argentina & Chile Top Travel Advisor For The Third Year in a Row!

Travel and Leisure Argentina and Chile

Knowmad Adventure’s very own Jordan Harvey has landed himself a Travel + Leisure Top Travel Advisor hat trick. For the third year in a row, he’s proven that he has a depth of knowledge beyond other operators in some of the most adventurous regions in the world. Jordan’s knowledge of Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador (including the Galapagos Islands) comes from his passion for sharing these culturally rich, breathtakingly beautiful areas and using his expertise to customize experiences that fit the uniqueness of each family, couple or group of friends that choose to travel with Knowmad. When you speak with Jordan, you may be tempted to ask him to tagalong on the trip with you, given his enthusiasm and excitement in planning your experience. The whole Knowmad Team is honored to have our very own South America Trip Specialist, Jordan, recognized again by Travel + Leisure for his talents.

Argentine Empanada Recipe: Bringing Buenos Aires to Your Kitchen

Empanada Recipe

Capturing a city in all its essence is a difficult task – the vivacity of porteños laughing loud above the noise of city buses and bustling foot traffic, brightly colored buildings and intricate architecture, fruit stands on every corner and vibrant street markets. However, your kitchen is a good place to start. Let your taste buds wander and cook up the flavor of Buenos Aires at home with our traditional beef Argentine empanada recipe below.

5 Tips for Visiting Easter Island

Visiting Easter Island Chile South America

Perhaps it’s the mysterious history of the Rapa Nui or Polynesian People, the huge Moai stone statues, or the remoteness that is drawing you to visit Easter Island. Whatever your interests may be for visiting Easter Island, we’ve highlighted 5 tips for anyone planning a trip to this once-in-a-lifetime destination to ensure a high quality experience.

Custom Inca Trail & Machu Picchu Trip

Peru Travel Machu Picchu Tour

“I feel like the journey to get there made me appreciate the experience all the more,” says Lisa of her and Brittany’s hike up the Inca Trail to the famous Machu Picchu ruins this past March. During their time in Peru they found themselves exploring the Sacred Valley, sharing stories with the Amaru community, and treading lightly on the same path the Incans forged centuries ago. After returning home Brittany expressed that their “trip was perfect. It couldn’t have been any better!” and she exclaimed she will “definitely be going back in the future.” We are thrilled their South American adventure was everything they hoped it to be.

Meet Molly Stern – Knowmad Adventures South America Traveler Services & Operations

Molly Stern South America Travel

We are so excited to introduce the newest member of the Knowmad Adventures team – welcome Molly Stern! Molly is a Minnesota native who has always been curious about other countries and cultures. After living in Costa Rica for a semester in college she was inspired to make travel a big part of her life and traveled to Venezuela, Peru and more. Today she aims to “take [her] passion for adventures and create meaningful international experiences” for others.

Ecuador Travel: A Stay at Hacienda Zuleta

Hacienda Zuleta Ecuador Travel Experience

Nestled in the Ecuadorian Andes at around 9,600 feet above sea level lies a property little known to the world at large. A place where long standing traditions continue to be practiced and weaved into the pattern of daily life. A place where they are less concerned about the latest Apple product and more concerned with preserving the unique aspects of their community and the environment around them.