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Browse these itineraries to find your perfect private trip, or to get ideas of activities and examples of great trip flows to work from as you collaborate with a Knowmad Trip Specialist to create the ideal trip for you and your travel partners.

Trip Planning Process Knowmad Adventures is a pioneer and leading specialist in private and custom travel in South America. Our regional expertise and years of custom travel planning ensure that planning your very own South American adventure, one as unique as you and your group are, will be quick, easy, effective and fun. Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  • Call, fill out a design your trip form, or email a trip specialist:
    This allows us to learn a bit about you and your group (custom trips can be for one or many people).
    If you have no idea where you may want to go or what to do, don’t worry; we know which questions to ask.
  • Trip Skeleton
    After learning about you we provide some basic trip flow overviews to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.
  • Detailed Custom Trip Proposal and Pricing
    From here we’re able to create your detailed custom trip proposal with pricing. This is at no obligation to you and can be revised if needed.

It’s easy, fun, and means your South American travel experience is as unique as you are!

Spanning from the jungles of the Amazon to the glaciers of Patagonia with everything in between, and including inspired destinations such as Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Iguazu Falls, Easter Island, and on and on; there simply is no way to summarize a continent with cultures and landscapes as vast and varied as South America. She captured our heart in one fell swoop and continues to amaze us more with every new discovery. It would be our honor to help you discover this amazing land!

Places in South America

Weather and When to Go One of the first questions we get asked is, “When is the best time to visit South America?” The answer of course varies from country to country and even region to region, but as a general rule of thumb the seasons in South America are reversed from those north of the equator. During the U.S. and Europe’s winter, it is summer in South America and generally the best time to visit the central (including Buenos Aires, Santiago, wine country, and the coast) and southern parts of the continent in Chile & Argentina including Patagonia.

North America and Europe’s spring, summer and fall are great times to visit Peru and Ecuador, as they are drier and sunnier in the parts of the countries most visited during that time of year. These countries are close to the equator meaning temperature varies little throughout the year, and seasons are defined more by wet and dry. The rainy season is less pronounced in Ecuador and it is suitable year round, as is the Galapagos. Peru is rainiest in Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar.

For more in-depth country specific information on weather and when to go, visit our country specific FAQs sections on Ecuador, Peru, and Chile.


If you have a rough idea of where you’d like to go, browsing by destination is a great place to start. 

Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador & The Galapagos Trips

Ecuador contains nearly every ecosystem imaginable on the planet within a relatively small country. Visits can include cloud forest, Andean Highlands, historic haciendas, remote indigenous communities, volcanoes, Amazon Jungle and colonial cities. No Ecuador trip is complete without a visit to the famed and beautiful Galapagos Islands, one of the few places left on the planet where the footprint of humanity is minimal and a perfect laboratory for evolution with abundant animal species.

Machu Picchu

Peru & Machu Picchu Trips

Home to ancient civilizations, vast archeological marvels in unbelievable settings, vibrant indigenous cultures, and natural wonders spanning from unspoiled Amazon rainforest to towering Andean peaks, Peru inspires awe at every turn. Throw in diverse and delectable food and remarkably friendly people, and it’s no wonder why Peru is a traveler favorite.

Patagonia Chile

Chile & Patagonia Trips

Along, narrow sliver of land clinging to the edge of the South American continent, Chile’s diversity of travel experiences matches its jaw-dropping geography and landscapes. Encompassing the world’s driest desert, fertile vineyards, cosmopolitan Santiago and eclectic Valparaiso, lush temperate rainforests of the Lakes Region and down to the peaks of Patagonia, this country pinched between Pacific shores and Andean peaks unveils incredible natural beauty and cultural intrigue at every turn.

Antarctica Travel

Antarctica Expeditions

Antarctica travel is both inspiring and rewarding; gaze up at magnificent icebergs, explore little-known islands, and experience the incredible wealth of untamed wildlife. The best way to see Antarctica and surrounding area is by way of boat and other adventure activities like kayaking and/or ice-hiking. See various penguin species including chinstrap, Gentoo, and Adélie. Experience the awe-inspiring king penguin rookeries of South Georgia, the “Galapagos of the Poles,” as well as the incredible abundance of wildlife in the unique and diverse archipelagos of the Southern Ocean.

If you’re not sure which countries interest you most, but you have an idea what style of trip you’re looking for try browsing by travel style.

Peruvian Women

Classic South America Tours and Trips

Innovative South American trips seamlessly blending a countries must-see highlights with off-the-beaten-path surprises and explorations, Classic trips feature perfect flow and pacing, personal and professional guides, accompanied by hand-picked, charming and luxurious accommodations with a local feel. Full of incredible sights, sounds and activities that bring a country alive, Classic trips can be enjoyed by anyone.

Kayaking Patagonian Glaciers

Active Adventure Treks

A more active take on Classic trips. If you would prefer to explore Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Inca by mountain bike rather than vehicle, kayak on Lake Titicaca rather than go by boat, or strap on crampons and walk atop a glacier rather than next to it, than our Active South American adventure trips are for you!

Biking with Family

Family Trips

Innovative but safe trips focused on bringing a place and its people alive with authentic, unique excursions to foster indelible experiences and create lifelong memories for your family.

Hiking in Patagonia

Trek the Inca Trail & Patagonia

Designed with hiking and trekking as a primary component, these active South American travel options offer plenty of time on the trail while also incorporating incredible cultural and adventure opportunities along the way.

Honeymoon Couple Patagonia

Honeymoon Trips

Non-traditional, active honeymoon adventures in South America. If adventure by day along with romance and relaxation by night is your idea of a perfect honeymoon, these South America honeymoons may be a perfect fit for you!

Luxury Hotel Room

Luxury South America Travel

Luxury South America trips featuring Knowmad’s world-class guiding, service, and innovative explorations paired with handpicked five-star accommodations that are among the finest in the continent.

Photographer South America

Special Interest Groups – Group Travel

Customized trips incorporating your group’s focus and mission. Whether you’re a university alumni group, a corporate group, a school or student group, an outdoors focused club or organization, an Arboretum or botanical group, or another organization seeking an international travel experience, we can build a South America trip that can align with your group’s interest.

Patagonia Hotel South America

Lodge Stays

Whether it’s exploring the Amazon Jungle’s canopy on an extensive canopy walk way, hiking to a Patagonian glacier, or visiting natural hot springs deep in a canyon, Knowmad’s preferred inclusive lodge stays place as much importance on experiencing a region as they do on providing relaxing and refined accommodations that live harmoniously with their surroundings.

Galapagos Islands

Small Ship South America Cruises

From the sandy beaches and animal-filled islands of the Galapagos Islands to far-flung Amazon River cruises, to meandering fjords and glaciers around Patagonia, and jumping off the continent and cruising to Antarctica, South America offers a wide range of world-class small ship cruises and yacht trips.

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